Heaton Glaziers are proud to have supplied glass to businesses throughout Newcastle for over 30 years now. Our experience has allowed us to be able to offer a vast array of glass services to an extensive selection of small and medium sized companies. These services include toughened / frameless windows and doors, shop fronts, and aluminium windows and doors.We have provided our glass services across several sectors, including; corporate companies, and those involved in retail, education, and hospitality.



When you are part of the retail sector the presentation of your shop takes on a heightened role. Not only do you want your store to look good because it enhances your reputation, but it also has a direct impact on the number of customers who are attracted to your shop. Your shop front is the main attraction because this presents you with the opportunity to use different displays and presentations. This is what truly catches the eye of those who pass by and entices them to want to enter. Our service ensures you make the most out of your shop display. When installing a shop front you can choose between frameless or framed glass. We will also help you through the design process via giving advice on colour matching and the best way to get the most out of your shop front.


No matter how big or small your business is you always wish to maintain an air of professionalism. This lies at the core of your brand and your reputation. Thus, the image you protrude is crucial. We can help you to make the right decision when it comes to the doors and the windows you use in your corporate building. Not only do they need to be of a high quality, but they also need to create the right amount of light so that the perfect working environment is made. Furthermore, with our ‘Grade A’ toughened glass you can rest assured that safety is paramount.


Heaton Glaziers are proud that our experience in the industry has given us the opportunity to work for several educational institutions. We are able to offer a service that achieves the perfect blend between quality and cost effectiveness. After all, we acknowledge that in industries such as education the need to keep costs as low as possible is imperative. Our windows and doors will improve the look of your buildings, as well as provide the necessary comfort and the security.

It’s fair to say that in no other industry is creating the right atmosphere and surroundings as important as it is in the field of hospitality. You need to make your guests feel comfortable, impressed, at ease, and safe. Our services can ensure that this is the case. From hotels to pubs to clubs; we have supplied and fitted glass that creates the perfect balance between presentation and protection. We can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Shop Front

When we design a shop front for you our key area of consideration is space. After all, you are showcasing your business, your brand, your products, and you need to have the means to do so. We will provide you with this means. We also consider accessibility and convenience via the doors we fit. This is completely dependent on what type of business you operate and the layout of your premises. You may wish to have automatic doors. This is quite a common choice for shopping centres in particular, as well as offices, shop fronts, hospitals, and alike. The other popular alternative is bi-fold and stacking doors. You will find these most commonly used in restaurants, clubs and cafes. Essentially these doors are suited to a building linked to an outdoor space. They provide the most efficient and convenient way of opening to a large area. But don’t worry; you don’t need to make these decisions alone. We will help you determine how to make the best of your shop front; how to generate maximum space, what doors to use, and where they should be placed as well.

Toughened / Frameless Windows & Doors

Toughened / frameless doors are widely utilised across different businesses, ranging from offices and hotels to clubs and shopping centres. As you may gather from their name one of the main components of this type of glass is the level of safety provided. Nonetheless, they also have some other key qualities that are worth noting too. Their appearance is stunning and the windows and doors are easily accessible as well. We will be able to tailor make the windows and doors to suit your specifications via combining the toughened glass with any handles, brackets, locks, and any other accessories that are needed. The added accessories will obviously be chosen with relation to requirements, but also contemplating quality and style as well.

Aluminium Windows & Doors

When it comes to commercial use a lot of people tend to opt for aluminium windows and doors. We have several different options for you to choose between. You can opt for aluminium with a powder coated finish or alternatively an anodised finish. In addition to this you can also opt for toughened glass in order to provide you with a higher level of quality, strength, and security.